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 What I can find in the Recommended Bibliography?

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The Recommended Bibliography is the set of materials that every college professor advised in each of his subjects: books, audiovisual materials, web resources, journal issues, ...

Through this search engine you can learn what materials recommended by teachers in the Guides teachers of different subjects are available in the catalog of the University Library Bibliography. Searches can be done by the name of the subject, by name and by Professor Degree (Bachelor, Master).
After the search, clicking on each of the titles on the list will access the bibliographic record in the catalog where you will find information on available items, their location and type of loan
not locate a title in the catalog suggested reading included in the teacher Guide can be that:
  • The title could not be aquirido lack of availability of the Library budget.
  • The title is depleted and, therefore, you can not buy it.
  • The information included in the teaching guide is erroneous or incomplete and has not allowed us to locate the title.
  • It is a book chapter. Look for the title of the work of which it is part.
  • This is a journal article available in the Library (in printed or electronic format). Search by journal title.
  • It is a journal article from which the University Library has subscription and is available free on Internet.